PUBG Update 10.3 is Now Live

PUBG Update 10.3 is Now Live

PUBG Update 10.3 is Now Live

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds May Not be The juggernaut BR title it once was, but it has continued to provide its player base with updates and fresh content. The match is now into its 10th season, and following the update, 10.2 added some vehicle-related changes to PUBG, some quality of life changes, and new store items are coming with upgrade 10.3, which is now live.

First up in this brand recent PUBG Update is the ability to emote with squadmates, which will trigger any teammate over 15 meters to combine with the player in a little bash. Doing this does come with some risk, as gamers are left exposed whilst utilizing an emote, but they can be stopped.

A few quality of Life features includes improvements to the Karakin Map, new lighting to enhance visibility, and further refinement of the Reputation System to not punish players who back out of a game at the warm-up. The game will also kick players who are AFK in Training Mode to ensure that people at a match are active participants.

The PUBG Store has been updated with a few minor tweaks to the UI, in addition to some new items available. The featured items appear to be a riff on Little Red Riding Hood, with a red hood skin and a wolf pelt skin. Much like the Call of Duty’s Valentine’s Day event, the things here will be available in time for February 14.

The final thing This upgrade will increase the game is a Weapon Sound Select system, which enables players to change out audio for certain weapons, giving players the choice to use the original weapon sounds or newly remastered versions of select weapons. This includes the M249, M416, Kar98k, and the SKS.

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