Pokemon GO Love Cup: Best Teams

Pokemon GO Love Cup: Best Teams

Pokemon GO Love Cup: Best Teams

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon the planet, with Pokemon GO already celebrating in its own unique way: a PvP league based around the holiday. This league was named that the Pokemon GO Love Cup, also it’s unique constraints like other particular battle championships.

The Love Cup itself is limited to Pokemon under 1,500 CP and can allow Pokemon that primarily has a reddish or pink color scheme. The alternate colors of polished Pokemon at Pokemon GO aren’t considered, meaning a shiny Pokemon that isn’t red or pink will be permitted if its first is. This also suggests that a red or pink glossy will not be permitted if its first is not.

It makes it harder to figure which Pokemon would be the best to bring with such unpleasant Limits. Thankfully, mathematic calculations could be made to discern that may deal out the most harm before resorting to their opponents’ moves.

Despite what Players are given, there are plenty of strong hitters among this limited Pokemon pool with multiple types. Some might be hard to encounter under 1,500 CP, and others may gain a new spotlight, which they have never had in additional PvP leagues.

Some of the best Pokemon to bring together are:

  • Lickitung – Lick and Body Slam
  • Alomomola – Waterfall and Hydro Pump
  • Charizard – Wing Attack and Blast Burn
  • Medicham – Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Electrode – Volt Alter and Discharge
  • Clefable – Charm and Meteor Mash

Lickitung is a Pure Normal-type Pokemon that players can reasonably keep strong while under 1,500 CP. While its moves will not be super powerful to any of its rivals, it’s the defensive advantage of being feeble to Fighting-type activities. Because of this Love Cup’s constraints, the only Fighting-type Pokemon that players will actually have to be worried about is Medicham.

Alomomola is among the few Water-type Pokemon Accessible to players in the Love Cup. It’ll be instrumental due to many of the Pokemon that are colored red being Fire-types. While not seeing much use out the Love Cup, Alomomola’s Water-type moves can help take down bothersome Fire-types.

Charizard is a Usual sight in several different GO Battle League cups, but a few players likely won’t have one beneath 1,500 CP. If they do, it will be the best possible Fire-type they will be able to use.

Medicham is a dual Fighting and Psychic-type Pokemon That may deal with a lot of powerful Fighting-type moves. With Lickitung being among the most popular winners at the Love Cup, Medicham may be a good backup to take it down.

An electrode is just another Pokemon that doesn’t have many various representatives from its type. Together with Alomomola being generally used among the high ranks of this Love Cup, some players wanting to protect their Fire-type Pokemon might want to select the Electric-type Electrode along.

Finally, Clefable is a tanky pure Fairy-type That can be used for many distinct battles. Steel and Poison-type motions’ two flaws are less likely to be viewed than usual, Permitting for Clefable to continue pretty long out on the area.

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