Intel Will Discontinue Its 8th-Gen Coffee Lake CPU Line Up This Year

The ending of an era is approaching for the CPU marketplace. Intel is planning to stop its line of 8th-gen Coffee Lake CPUs this season, so an end to the distribution of dozens of hot processors.

The discontinuation notices went outside yesterday, But the accurate end-of-life date for all products that are affected will not come before mid-December.

The range of products that are discontinued includes everything in the Intel Celeron G4900 to the enthusiast-grade i7 8700K.

While there could be many reasons that Intel has chosen now, Their age is the reason to begin quitting these chips. Intel CPUs have been around for quite a while now, and the company has already started to ship select goods, like the i9-10900K out, to reviewers and early adopters.

If you don’t tend to snag some of those chips, Do not worry about this information too much.

As the outlet points out, some copies are to be expected Intel contrasts between”boxed and tray processors” (processors designed for solo builders and OEMs, respectively).

If you’re in the market for a new CPU after this news, today might be the time to have a gander at our reviews for your i9-10900K and the i7-10700K.

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