Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Explained

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Explained

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Explained

Destiny two just launched the second season of its fourth year. Called Season of the Chosen, this season continues the tendency of former ones while also incorporating some novelties.

While Destiny Two Is dedicated to the seasonal content version for the foreseeable future, it’s making one crucial change moving ahead. After the feedback from Beyond Light and its own scarce weapon offers, the studio has expanded its rewards team intending to inject even more loot into the match each launch.


The Season of the Chosen picks up where Season of the Hunt concluded, but shifts focus now that the Hive has been pushed back temporarily. In this lull period, Capital has left her to look From the machine with the hope of persuading humankind to combine her forces prior to the following Darkness, or even Hive onslaught engulfs Earth and its surroundings. Capital offers a place on her council to Zavala when he begs his forces into the empire.

The meeting ends Bitterly with the two parties seeking battle. The empress intends to expand her commanders’ line by absorbing Red Legion war heroes into her army while also forcing humanity into entry and a mutual alliance. Meanwhile, the Vanguard attempts to undermine Caiatl’s efforts at strengthening her army and pushes back against the brand new Cabal job in the Solar System to demonstrate to her that Guardians don’t bow to monarchs.

New Activities

The main attraction of Season 13 is Battlegrounds: A 3-player matchmade action where players interrupt Cabal surgeries, search down a chief, and pillage offerings made to the empress. There are multiple Battlegrounds maps, each taking place on a different destination. These can be launched manually or played inside a playlist like Strikes.

Talking of Strikes, three have now been added this season. Two are coming Destiny 1 Strikes With minor touchups. The other is a brand new one, known as Proving Grounds. In it, players raid a huge mobile fortress Caiatl has deployed on Nessus. There are just two weapons to make Strikes, and three additional firearms within Nightfalls, on any difficulty. The Grandmaster Nightfall can award Adept versions of said weapons.

New Hub and Progression Systems

One of the most interesting developments of Season of the Chosen is the H.E.L.M. , A new player hub. Developed to prep Guardians for future incursions, it contains the altered Umbral Recaster and Decoder, a Postmaster, the Vault, the Crow, a mission desk, and will probably home more as time goes on. Players will get assignment briefings, interact with Vanguard commanders, manage inventories, and utilize the seasonal vendor here. The War Table functions as this year’s unique vendor, providing a development platform for Battlegrounds.

After looting a Ceremonial hammer off a Red Legion higher-up, players can bring it to the War Table to match it together with perks and get the most from Season 13. Named the Hammer of Proving, this relic provides gamers the right to challenge elite Cabal and conquer as part of the ritual battle. After adorning it with Cabal Gold, players will also utilize the hammer to smash imperial chests at the conclusion of Battlegrounds and loot the spoils. This will make sure that the Capital bond with the Red Legion never strengthens.

Tied into the hammer and War Table is Seasonal Challenges. These have replaced bounties, especially weekly ones, and award seasonal vendor ranks, loot, Vibrant Dust, and more. Seasonal Challenges come in a number of varieties and generally resemble Triumph objectives. They don’t occupy space in the quests log, and unlike bounties, they never expire. So, even if a participant logs in at the close of the season, they can still finish the preceding weeks’ worth of Challenges, never missing out on Bright Dust or another source.

Continuing the Trend

Several things will probably be Familiar here to dedicated fans. There is a pursuit weapon that can be Made by playing either Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, or all at the same time. The Season Pass remains virtually the same as last season, and More of Season 13’s content will be unlocked in the forthcoming weeks. This Includes the seasonal exotic quest, which takes place within an abandoned Cabal boat And will award a Tex Mechanica Scout Rifle. Guardian Games will reunite In April, and Trials of Osiris has gotten brand new armor, along with new weapons. Last, many weapons have expanded the legendary loot Pool; for example, some Year 1 weapon upgraded to current criteria and two New weapons added to every ritual action.


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