Bully Voice Actor Interested in Returning for Sequel

Bully Voice Actor Interested in Returning for Sequel

Bully Voice Actor Interested in Returning for Sequel

Players have expected that Rockstar Games will release a sequel to a 2006 hit, Bully, but nothing has ever arrived in the 14 years since. But while Rockstar is apparently not interested in creating a Bully follow-up, the first game’s voice actors have expressed interest in reprising their roles.

For more than ten years, rumors have circulated that Rockstar was working on a Bully sequel, but a brand new game has never prevailed. Rockstar did confirm it’d been working on a different Bully Match at the same stage but finally chose to scrap the project to concentrate on other matches. Fans aren’t the only ones who’d love to visit a Bully movie, as Gerry Rosenthal, the voice of this game’s protagonist Jimmy Hopkins, has stated multiple times he will be eager to reprise his role in a sequel.

Another among this game’s voice actors, Peter Vack, stated he’d also be interested in reprising his role as Gary Smith, Jimmy’s nemesis. In a meeting with GAMINGbible about his forthcoming movie PVT Chat, Vack was asked when he had been open to playing with an older variant of Gary at a hypothetical Bully sequel.

“I mean, yeah Would be excellent,” Vack explained. “That might be so cool. I do not even understand how I’d approach it. But I wouldn’t say no to this.”

Voicing Gary is Vack’s only video game acting charge, but he stated he’s willing to reunite to video game voice performing Later on. He said he loved playing with Gary since it enabled him to learn more about the intense aspect of playing a villain, a chance that’s more difficult to come by in different kinds of behaving. Outside of the gambling world, Vack is popularly called a TV celebrity, author, and manager. His upcoming movie PVT Chat is called an”unconventional humor” that investigates the association between a gaming addict and a sex worker.

Regardless of the clamor to get a brand new Bully match, it appears improbable Rockstar has some plans to satisfy the hopes of its lovers with a sequel. A Couple of Years Back, Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser disclosed He wrote a script to get a Bully sequel in 2008. The match could have starred Jimmy and followed his experiences through faculty. Between 2010 and 2013, members of Rockstar New England produced a playable demonstration that featured simplistic open-world gameplay, but has previously said, the job was canceled thus, Rockstar could concentrate on other matches.

It requires Rockstar several years to develop a match since the programmer confirmed that it required seven decades to develop GTA 5. The business is now focused on GTA Online and Red Dead Online and is rumored to be operating on GTA 6, building a Bully sequel much more improbable to launch anytime soon.

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